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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chance of accumulation = 100%

There are predictions of another 6-10 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. Once the snow finishes falling, then a wave of ice rain is going to coat it all. I have a feeling I will be stuck here at home for a while. My car is parked in the parking lot of my complex, and the only way out is to navigate a hill. I am not hopeful that I can get out any time soon.

Took this pic of the snow just now with my UV lens. I like how it brought out the icey crystals and the blue hues :)


  1. Looks like sugar!
    Thanks for visiting the Selma, Ala. Daily Photo.

    BTW, my last name is Gresham. Some of my kin must have named your town!

  2. I wonder if you ever got out? I can't get out of my driveway.
    Very pretty heart in the snow picture. MB

  3. I agree, it's sparkly!!!

  4. Bummer! we just got 4 inches of snow. No rain, it is -7 degrees.

  5. Yes, it does look very nice. Glad you posted it.


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