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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another bright sunny day!

Today is shaping up to be another bright, sunny day. The temperatures are cold, since there is no cloud cover to blanket and insulate us. But the views are gorgeous. I was just commenting the other day that I had not seen Mt Hood in weeks. The past two days you can see up there with no problem. Love that snowy peak!


  1. What a lovely SWF image. I really like how you captured the bare, red trees in the foreground. Very nice composition and Mt. Baker looks wonderful. I pass through Portland several times a year and it is rare to see it like that (at least when I've driven by it). Glad you're having such nice weather. Hi from San Ramon, CA.

  2. Oh my that is so gorgeous! Darn you don't even have any snow left, lol. Ours is on a decline. The deceiving part of our area is that we endure a degree of low cloud at times which makes it appear quite cold when in reality it mostly hovers in the 30's, on the other hand your probably call that Cold, lol.

  3. We have had nothing but gray and overcast days but day before yesterday Rainier was out in all her glory---only in the morning though. the sun did come out only to be gone by midday.
    Lovely shot you have. MB


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