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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No WAY I'm going out there!

I have not ventured outside more than I have to in the past few days. Every time you go out side you get soaked and the wind is unbearably strong. Keeping myself indoors means no new pics to post. So I am posting this old one.

Its at the Oregon Coast. I am thinking around Seal Rock, just south of Newport. I am sure this is how it looks right now. Love the clouds reflecting on the wet sand!


  1. It is a pretty picture of your coast, and I saw on the news yesterday that your rain is stretching all the way to Hawaii. So it will be with you for some time to come.

    I still have the old blogs but I also have new ones Abe Lincoln Blogs and also look at Abraham Lincoln's Blog

  2. I still can´t decide whether it is better to enjoy this beautiful scenery in person in this weather or to sit in a comfy sofa drinking warm tea... Well, maybe the latter would win for me :) Great photo!

  3. It does look gorgeous, but dangerous


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