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Monday, February 16, 2009

Any ideas what this is?

I had lunch the other day at McMenamins Edgefield, a very cool resort in Troutdale, just north of Gresham. It has golf, a brewery, winery, huge hotel, movie theatre, pool hall, and features something like 10 or so bars and restaurants. It is huge tourist attraction and event location. I have photographed many weddings here.

Anyway, we were walking from the Powerstation Restaurant back towards the hotel and this funny plant caught our attention. Any ideas what this is?? I will have to go back in the summer and see if I can get a picture in another season :)


  1. No idea, but I'm curious now, what is it?

  2. So, do you think the curled leaves belong to the tentacled thing? Because I'm wondering if the tentacled thing is some sort of parasite. I'm going to send you blog address to a plant-knowledgeable bud and see what she comes up with for an answer.

    Every time I think about Edgefield, I could kick myself for not buying a ticket to Stevie Wonder's concert there--I read in the paper that it was splendid! Dumb ol' me.

  3. Here's what my bud says, "That's a Witch Hazel. Some leaves hang on all winter. It usually blooms in January and those little shredded coconut looking flowers are fragrant. I have one in my backyard. The one in the picture is probably "Pallida" that is the one I have. It can get 15 feet tall and is a vase shaped large shrub or small tree."

  4. Your blog has some spectacular landscape shots. I enjoyed going through your older posts.

    I too have no clue on that weird plant that you posted...Thomas


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