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Monday, May 18, 2009

Melt snow, melt!!!

There is still so much snow up on Mt Hood that the campgrounds will not be opening in time for Memorial Day camping. AHHHH!!! Everyone do me a favor and send "Snow Melt" vibes our way! This picture was taken near Memaloose Lake, up near Estacada. The other lakes are all snowed in, so I couldnt take a new pic of them :(


  1. When everyone sends the Melt vibes, I'd better be ready for high water on the Columbia :) It's strange to think that that snow will be coming past my window in a few days or so!

  2. nice to have an Oregon connection. What lake is in your picture of Mt Hood? There is still plenty of snow here on Mt Bachelor

  3. Melt,melt melt. Is it normal to have snow so close to summer?


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