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Friday, June 5, 2009

Lightning Storm

Yesterday, a pretty large thunderstorm pushed in from the south, bringing in heavy wind, lightning and rain. It was pretty intense for a bit, and was actually fairly easy to get the above shot. It was my favorite of about 5 lightning pictures I was able to take with my point and shoot camera. When the lightning is going off as rapidly as it was, it makes it slightly easier to get a keeper! Just keep it pointed towards the sky!


  1. Really great shot. I've always wanted to take a lightening picture.

  2. Very cool. We've had lighting down here too, but I've yet to come close to capturing it in a photograph.

  3. Amazing capture. Something I've still yet to catch.

  4. That picture about says it all. We got some stormy weather on the coast, but not like you did inland! I'd love to get a pic of a lightning flash. We usually have tons of rain and no lightning.


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