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Monday, July 13, 2009

Cooke Ranch

My Monochrome Monday picture today is an old one I took a few years back of the Cooke Ranch in Brightwood, OR. The ranch is off the beaten path. You drive down a back road through the woods, and all of a sudden the trees part, and grassy meadows are on both sides of the road. This old barn is one of a few clustered around the main house. I liked how the horses were so interested in what I was doing, and Mt Hood is peeking at me from over the hills in the distance.


  1. What a great monoview!
    I would like to visit on a place like that.

  2. Even in black and white the snow on that mountain looks wonderfully cool. Fantastic!

  3. Great country scene that works in black and white.

  4. I like the composition, just catching a part of the building with the focus being on the horses and then the snowy mountain top in the background.

  5. A memorable scene.

  6. Perfect shot. I love old farm or ranch pictures and in mono it looks real old timey. MB


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