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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tree in transition

Funny, the different speeds that trees change to their fall colors. There are some trees that are totally leaf-less already, some that have changed to all red or yellow. And then there are some like this one that have just started their transition. The outside leaves are already red and orange, but the more tucked away inner leaves are still green.


  1. The colors are so muted, but just as stunning as brilliant ones.

  2. Very nice photo and the changes go by so fast. I do however enjoy looking at the changes.

    Please visit.

  3. The transition time frame is interesting! We have a whole line of trees on our street that are the same, but they're all turning at different times. These are really great shots! Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy the day!


  4. The transition phase is just as wonderful and colorful. Great photo and thanks for sharing.

  5. it really looks like a painting! it's so beautiful! My World entry is here.

  6. This is an amazing tree with such colorful leaves. It looks like a painting to me.


  7. The transition makes the tree even more beautiful and colorful..
    Nice capture my friend..
    Have a nice day..

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  8. like the painted look of the leaf changing colors...beautiful.


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