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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rainbow Trout Pond

At the Bonneville Dam, there are many fish ponds, but this one is particularly packed!


  1. Cool photo of the trout.

  2. There's nothing I love more than rainbow trout. Not only are the pretty to watch, but they are delicious when they are cooked fresh. Now, I need to go out to Bonefish Grill for lunch. Gee thanks! ;-)

    Happy Outdoor Wed...


  3. Beautiful water and look at all those fish!

  4. What a beautiful, perfectly clear pond. Great photos! I lived in Portland for a few months eons ago and I loved seeing Mt. Hood everyday. It is a beautiful mtn. We used to drive out towards it and stop at a drive-in with a duck pond. We bought hamburgers and french fries and fed some of everything to the ducks. It was quite fun!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  5. It's downright crowded in there!

  6. Lots of fish in that pond! Beautiful capture..

  7. Oh that would be a fun place to feed the fish! Great clear watery shot!

    Stop by my blog & see what happens when one of the fish snap at the duck on the butt! hehehee

  8. What a pleasant pond! Wow - that's a lot of fish! :)

  9. Nice pond there. Extra merit for the ducks. ;)

  10. What a pretty pond and so clear. So many trout!

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    ~ Tracy

  11. Wow! Those ducks better be careful! That's pretty cool the way you caught these fish!

  12. oh very clear pond...wonder if we can also swim there with the fish..lol.

    Happy WW.

    mine is up too.


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