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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow should stay in the mountains

It snowed in the Portland Metro area yesterday evening. Man, what a mess it makes when the snow leaves its normal "home" up in the mountains and comes down into town. Traffic accidents galore - its almost like a panic! We do get a good snowfall almost once a year, but it always seems to catch people off guard. Luckily, this morning, the temps are higher and the snowfall is already slushy and melting away.
I prefer the snow to stay up in the mountains, such as is pictured above. I took this photo Sunday on my hike up to Bagby Hot Springs (see posts this week for more of our adventures). This is crossing a bridge over one of the creeks heading up the trail, Whetstone Creek.


  1. Beautiful, I look forward to seeing more of this winter hike.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place for a hike! Very pretty scenery.

  3. It must smell so fresh and clean in that forest.
    In the Vancouver, B.C. area we know all to well what kind of havoc ensues when it snows here. We do have lots of hills and the snow is so wet and slippery, not dry and powdery like in other areas.
    Fingers crossed that we will be spared another dump of snow.

  4. We had snow here yesterday until this morning but the sun melted it today.

    My entry, wishing you and your family a fruitful new year!

  5. Such a beautiful photo.

  6. Burrrr. It is such a beautiful picture! But I'm cold just looking at it! I remember the wind coming down the gorge makes it feel even colder. I remember snow in Portland, and it does cause problems even though it is so beautiful. Happy New Year. --Delores

  7. Beautiful ~ as Oregon always is.

    Waving at a fellow Oregonian.

  8. Beautiful picture! Looks like a post card! Happy New Year! Sherri@lavenderfields

  9. Beautiful scene, freezing cold hmm?

    Happy New Year.

    You Got A Posty
    All Little Things I Like

  10. A beautiful scene and a nice shot!


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