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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lava Cast Forest

Off the beaten path up a dirt road outside of Bend, OR is a facinating attraction. The lava cast forest is the remains of a 6000 year old lava flow from nearby Newberry Mountain. The picture doesnt even give justice to the magnitude of the flow. It is HUGE! You follow a mile long loop which winds through a small portion of the devestation. Its crazy how the little bushes, trees and flowers are able to rebuild themselves in such an environment. Along the trail are tree casts, where the trees that existed during the flow were enveloped in lava and created "tubes". I will post a picture of that tomorrow!


  1. There is a cool lava flow in Flagstaff Arizona, too. It is as if there is still movement in the rock that is left behind. Love it...

    See my Wordless Wednesday photo here!

  2. Thanks for the information on your post. Who would think?

  3. I didn't realize that Newberry Mountain was volcanic. You never hear see it listed among the Northwest's major volcanic peaks.

  4. Cool photo for Outdoor Wednesaday!


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