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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birds have come out!

Low and behold, the sun came out after I posted yesterday about it being rainy again! Today is looking dry so far (cloudy, but hopefully it will burn off). The birds are venturing out to feed off my birdfeeder again. Thats a good sign! Hopefully it keeps up. I plan on camping this weekend, rain or shine... but I prefer the shine ;)


  1. It's dry up here too, but now our dang grass is so thick that it's going to need to be weed wacked before we can try to finish mowing!

    Where are you camping? I've never been in my entire life. I've never slept outside. My idea of camping is no mini-fridge in the hotel room. ;p

  2. Thank you for my Oregon fix!! Its so hot here -- I wouldn't even mind the rainy day. Your birds are wonderful.

    Happy camping! So many wonderful places close to where you are. Hope you take pictures .

  3. Hello OR blogger... and Go Beavs!! you bet. My DH is a graduate of OSU.
    Just so you know: current Willamette valley conditions include some blue sky to the north and with large cumulus clouds; to the south we have fog rolling in and more ominous looking skies. And forecast is a pop to 80!!! on Saturday, so within a few days we will have a 20 degree daytime pop in temps. Have a great one.


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