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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rain Soaked Daisies

The sun came out!! But - only for one day :( Saturday was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. Actually felt like spring, unlike the month of rain we have been suffering from lately. But it is now back to rain. Hopefully it will clear up again soon! However, the rain does provide some beautiful water droplets :)


  1. Those droplets give it life. Daisies are my favorite flowers and these are beautiful

  2. Simply beautiful!

  3. Lovely composition and details!

  4. Nice photo!

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    have a good one!

  5. You have taken a great photo to share with us. And you're so right about Saturday! Monday wasn't too bad, either.

    One day last week when it was pouring, the leaves on the sweet gum tree outside my work window looked like they were yelling, "Uncle, already!" hanging limply down upon each other, dripping, blowing. I cannot imagine how pitiful they must have been on Sunday when we had even more strong rain.


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