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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spring Mushrooms

I spotted these bright orange mushrooms growing out of this stump on a hike I took last weekend. The saturated ground makes for a perfect mushroom environment. I'm glad that the mushrooms appreciate the constant rain, cause its getting a little old for us humans!


  1. Pacific Northwesterners dont' tan, we rust. lol

  2. Please send any spare rain you have to Texas. We got too much early and now it has stopped with 100 degrees days. That is a neat idea for your post.

  3. I don't suppose you, living in Oregon, get the same kinds of rains that we get here in Ohio. In the summer, especially, we get roaring winds before a cold front or a warm front comes in and that is followed by rain or a storm with plenty of extreme lightening and lots of loud thunder.

    A friend of mine from Tucson was here once and couldn't take the thunder and lightening (had no trouble with storms in Arizona) and left early.

    We might get an inch or more of rain in one downpour. It is more rare to get a soaking rain in the summer. Those are reserved for deer hunting season in October when it begins a slow rain in the morning and rains all day.

    We don't have many mushrooms -- except where a tree came down and the roots are going through this long decay process.

    So it is a real treat, for me, to see this bright orange mushrooms.

  4. I wish I knew more about mushrooms. I've seen them sprouting all over town but haven't a clue of what type they are.

  5. they are so cool....i can't resist taking photos of mushrooms and other fungus.
    i wish i could identify them better.
    oh well....it's fun anyway. :)


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