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Monday, June 28, 2010

The tomato garden test

This year, I am testing the Topsy Turvy tomato planter. You may have seen them around your own neigborhoods. I planted one tomato plant in the upside down planter, and another in my regular garden beds. The race is on! The plants have been planted for about a month and a half now. Growth wise, the garden bed plant is winning by a long shot. The plant has grown much bigger than the tomato cage its supported by. It has a lot of flowers, but no actual visible tomatoes, as of yesterday. The Topsy Turvy plant is much smaller. It hangs upside down, but has started to turn up. But on Saturday, I noticed THREE small baby tomatoes!!! So now the test is really getting interesting. I figure the weight of the growing tomatoes will weigh the plant to grow more downward again. Who will win? Who will generate more fruit? I will keep everyone posted on my little experiment ;)


  1. Cool!!! Good luck with your experiment!!

  2. I love home grown tomatoes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Now I am also excited, can't wait!

    Purple blossom

  4. Congrats on your baby tomatoes, so your topsy turvy is doing well. I would like to try one next year.

  5. Nice shot and great experiment! I am really curious to see how this will end, so will have to come back for sure and find out!

  6. I have seen those tomato planters around quite a bit. I hope it works well for you!

  7. Ooooh... looks very interesting... all the best luck!!!:D

    Good day!!!:)



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