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Friday, July 9, 2010

After Dusk - the most bearable time of the day!

It has been HOT here in Oregon the past few days. We have broken records the past two days I believe. Yesterday was 98 degrees when I left work. I have been waiting until after dusk to water my yard. Its the only time that it is comfortable to be outside. But this weekend its supposed to cool down to the mid 80's, which is perfect for me!


  1. I hear ya!! It's so hard to get a good breeze through our house! However, I am not complaining! It's better than more rain!

    Tillicum (WA) Daily photo

  2. Pablo Neruda writes about the azure/blue night skies. Truly, you have captured this moment of blue!


  3. All I can say is thank god for central air! We had it put in our house the week we moved in, 11 years ago and it's been heavenly. I just loathe this hot weather.

    @Christina: Hey neighbor! You are in Tillicum? I'm in Bonney Lake!

  4. Love the night sky, and I know whatyou mean about not wanting to be out in the heat!


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