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Friday, July 2, 2010

Upside down sky

In keeping with the reflection theme (hehe), this was taken at my favorite place, Trillium Lake, up on Mt Hood. The water was like glass that day, and the fluffy clouds reflected like a perfect mirror.

Have a wonderful weekend, and to my fellow Americans, have a safe and happy Independance Day on Sunday!!!!


  1. Beautiful and great shot! You too have a safe and happy Independence day!

    SWF:Fiery sky

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Superb capture for the day! I love an upside down world! Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend! Enjoy!


  3. Great colours. The green grass coming out of the water is so vibrant. Really adds to the picture

  4. What a fantastic picture! The water looks so delicious and glassy! Like looking into a magic mirror.

  5. O, that was amazing... i love scenes with clouds... clouds, to me, are like a dancing ballerina... flowing gently and gracefully..cheers!!!:)

    A wonderful weekend!!!:)


  6. o a super-dooper reflection

  7. really cool shot! i camped there once with my gram... it was lovely.


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