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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Zig Zag Falls

A new favorite picture that I have taken recently. Last weekend I visited the Mt Hood area, and this was one of the sites we visited. Little Zig Zag Falls is an easy to access waterfall. You take a short hike through thick, gorgeous woods along the rushing Little Zig Zag River until you reach this opening in the trees. The spray makes the air cool.

I've been practicing taking water photos with an slow shutter speed to capture the movement. I was not equiped with my tripod on this attempt, but I think it still turned out gorgeous!


  1. That is stunning, looks very professional!

  2. I love the way the water looks using a slower shutter speed!

    Awesome photo! :)

  3. Bee u tee ful! Sizzling hot!

    Happy WW

  4. A dreamy look of the water that is what I like to experiment with my camera. Hope I can do it. Your shot is amazing thanks for sharing!

    Watery Wednesday

  5. Hey it looks great to me, tripod or no! I'm going to have to try that little trick next time I'm 'oot and aboot'.

  6. Beautiful shot of the waterfall.

  7. Hi!
    You did a great job getting this picture, it's beautiful. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  8. Definitely gorgeous! You really captured it well. I just love the sound of a waterfall: soothing. :)

  9. Amazing landscape! Great colors

  10. That is pretty neat.
    If the tripod is not handy, keep the camera on some rock or any othe ritem readily available.

  11. Oh, boy! I am so glad that I have my new computer because I could click on your splendid photo of the falls and share it with Mama who is sitting across the room in her recliner. Thanks for this photo!


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