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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remains of the old highway to Mt Hood

Time for a short history lesson, folks ;)

Back in the woods near the Little Zig Zag Falls trailhead are two of these ornate concrete bridge rails. The sign nearby tells how before current day Hwy 26 was built, this was the route to get up the mountain.

People traveling to Mt Hood had almost as hard of a ride as the pioneers. The Mt Hood Highway was built on part of the Barlow Trail and was muddy, treturous, and very hard to navigate. Cars would often slide off the side of the road. This historic bridge is a small part that still remains of the route. Later in the 1950's, the current Hwy 26 was built 1/2 mile south of this location.

I love the little parts of history that still can be found up in the Mt Hood forest. There are really old sights to see, such as wagon train ruts and pioneer graves, as well as the newer things like this one.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the lesson! I had no idea!

  2. Thanks for sharing this--I'll never get there in person, so this is fantastic.


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