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Monday, October 25, 2010

Better Hurry!

These bees better hurry and finish collecting for the autumn. The weather has turned from mild, like it was when I took this photo a few days ago, to rain, wind, and up the mountain, snow.

On Friday I posted what I thought was going to be my last photo of Mt Hood before it snowed up there. I was right! The snow started accumulating over the weekend and has already reached a foot and a half at Timberline Ski Area. Down where I live, the wind and rain were fairly intense, and I am sure these bees were not out much in that weather!


  1. They are like ants very workaholic. Great shot!
    MYM-More flowers
    Macro Monday

  2. Gorgeous color in the flower petals.

  3. I saw a little hummingbird in Victoria busily gathering as much nectar as possible from the dying flowers.

  4. Excellent shot! I love that it's not the typical front facing shot of the flower. Lovely.

  5. Beautiful capture! The flower and color is gorgeous. Happy MYM!

  6. Wow, amazing! two bee's in one flower. What a great photographs love it.

  7. Beautiful, soft colours but it the angle I really love!
    ~ Fetch Photos

  8. Such a lovely photo. I'm glad you shared it with us.

  9. a great shot!
    nice colors


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