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Monday, October 4, 2010

Enjoying the last of the sunny days

In our area, you just never know when the last of the sunny days are going to be. So you have to take advantage of any nice day while it lasts. This weekend was no exception. Our mornings started out very cloudy and overcast. By mid afternoon though, the clouds had burned off, leaving nothing but blue skies. I actually got a sunburn on my face on Saturday!!! I'm hoping the decent weather sticks around for a few more weeks at least. Keeping my fingers crossed...


  1. Looks so inviting. I want to sit on the dock.
    My Blue Monday link for you

  2. I hope you have decent fall weather so that you can enjoy your part of the country. This is a beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Enjoy it while you can...it's a La Nina Year!

  4. Beautiful! I agree- we've gotta get out there and soak it up before it's too late!


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