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Monday, November 1, 2010

MAX Light Rail

November's City Daily Photo theme is "Public Transportation". I was in downtown Portland yesterday, and thought our mass transportation light rail, MAX (Metropolitain Area Express) would be a great example of this. Originally opened in 1986, it now stretches in all directions of the Portland metro area, from the east side of Gresham (where I live), out to Hillsboro on the west side of Portland, north to the airport and south to Clackamas. At one point, the train goes from downtown Portland undergroud towards the Hillsboro, stopping only once at the zoo. At this point, it is 260 ft underground, making it the deepest in North America, and the second deepest in the world! More info about MAX can be found here.


  1. The Max is the very best there is and I do miss it! For the most part public transportation in Seattle is about 50 years behind and certainly no where near what it is in Portland!! Great shot!


  2. I've never taken it but nearly been hit by it a couple of times when I was in Portland! lol

    Personally I think San Francisco's MUNI system is the most efficient, but then again SF is also only 49 square miles.

    They keep trying to shove light rail down our throats in Washington.

  3. bella questa foto di vita urbana :)
    Ciao Myriam :)

  4. Great post! I think the MAX, the bus, the Streetcar, all of them are so very useful.


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