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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dripping Moss

It is the middle of the "soggy" season here in the northwest. If it is not raining, it looks like it might. Today there was actually some snowflakes mixed in with the rain! On the bright side, it does make all the greens very vibrant, and they will remain that way until autumn next year. Only 5+ months til summer!


  1. Thanks for the Oregon memories! (Oddly there are also a lot of ferns and moss here in SW Florida === we were really surprised at that the first time we spent the winter here -- thought those were just in the good old PNW!). A lovely picture.

  2. That's an amazing macro. It's so great that water can make things look all glittery! :-)

  3. Oh, ever the optimist, you are!
    This does actually look very refreshing.

  4. I'm counting the months til summer too~

  5. How I miss Oregon..and seeing Mt. Hood in the distance..
    Sometimes..I even imagine I can smell it. The woods in Oregon have this wonderful smell..and the water..sooo cold. I've often wondered if our cabin is still standing after all these years.
    You are so fortunate to live there! :)

  6. Looks very... wet ;)

  7. I love the photo. So vibrant and green. Happy New Year.


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