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Friday, October 1, 2010

City Daily Photo Theme Day - Graffiti

Welcome to October! The first day of the month, City Daily Photo has a theme. Todays theme is "graffiti"

Stepping off the mountain for this one! I went in the opposite direction and headed down to Portland. On the back of most of the signs along popular Belmont Street, there are stickers and graffiti. The area is very well taken care of - the expressions are limited to these small collections on signs and in the many concert and event posters stapled to the power line poles.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monochrome Fence

I have such a hard time blogging on Thursdays. Its like my "off" day. So I am trying two memes today that I don't often participate in: Theme Thursday and Lens Day. Their topics were fence and monochrome. I have something that fits both of those! I don't often do black and white photos. Not because I don't like black and white. I use it a lot in portraits. But I enjoy color so much that I often don't desaturate my images. This photo kind of asked to be in black and white though. Its the fence and railing at the Portland Overlook House. There are these cool vines wrapped around the metal posts.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cold Spring Creek

This creek is down below Tamawanas Falls, which I pictured last week. At the falls, the water is a lot faster. This portion of the creek is more lazy. Just like me. I was too lazy to pull out my tripod to take the shot, so its a bit blurry. But its still a pretty spot, so it deserves to be posted.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Grown Home Cooking

This weekend we had a group of people over for a barbecue and to watch the Oregon State vs Boise State football game. The goal of the bbq was to use as much of our garden grown veggies as possible. I think we did well. The over abundant tomatoes I am still harvesting went in my pasta salad. We cooked our "famous" beer brauts with the above onions, as well as freshly picked basil and sage. YUM!