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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why THIS Oregonian will not be rooting for Oregon in the BCS Championship Game today

BEWARE: Some college football ranting ahead. Proceed at caution ;)

If you know me or have been a follower of this blog, you already know that I am a die-hard, Orange blooded, season ticket holding Oregon State Beavers fan. The Beavers rivalry with the oregon ducks is an intense one. This year, the ducks had a favorable schedule and made it to the championship game against Auburn. However, I, for one, will not be rooting for them. Why would I not support a team from my home state that made it so far in the world of college football? Simply put, I AM A BEAVERS FAN!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if I am looking forward to the game, or if I am rooting for the ducks. Why would I do that? Why on earth would I root for a team that any other day and any other season I would hate? Why would I turn my back on my Beavers and support the rival? "Well, I am a duck fan and if the Beavers made it to the championship, I would root for them". I have heard this dozens of times. And please don't. When the Beavers turn their team around and become the strong team I know and love again, please do not jump on the bandwagon. I am not jumping on the ducks bandwagon as so many other Oregonians have just because they made it to the championship. Be true to your team, thru thick and thin. This is why I will NOT be rooting for Oregon in the Championship game today. GO BEAVERS!!!

UPDATE: (PS) Quizz, I'm very sad you are leaving us! :*(


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    RIGHT ON! I'm right there with you! I love how you didn't capitalize "ducks". I do that too. GO BEAVERS!

  2. Awesome! Did something similar here: http://twitpic.com/3oor2o



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