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Monday, April 4, 2011

I Love Daisies

We had a wonderful time at the Oregon Coast this weekend. The water at the beach was super high, even at low tide, and it limited our beach walking. So we strolled around the little village of Neskowin instead. Along one of the roads was a long strip of freshly bloomed mini-daisies. Daisies have always been one of my favorite flowers, so I was happy to be able to take a photo of the "daisy carpet" during a short sun break.


  1. These daisies are so precious! I'm fond of daisies too!

  2. Gorgeous. I'd love to be here on a sunny day... doing nothing but wasting time.

  3. Wow I so love to pick wild daisies they are pretty.


  4. But wait a minute is this daisy or chamomile?

  5. Lovely springtime delight! :)


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