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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Water Tower

Funny when you see something so often, and you realize, hmmm, I have don't have a photo of that! This is the water tower at the McMenamins Edgefield property. The history I could find on the tower is as follows: The property that is now Edgefield used to be the Multnomah County Poor Farm. This water tower was built in 1927 when the main building at the Farm was identified as firetrap because it lacked a fire detection and deterrent system. The tower was built to provide a gravity-supplied sprinkler system throughout the Main Lodge.

I have done plenty of weddings and other photo shoots on the property, and the tower is often in the background of those. But I, to my recollection, have never taken a photo of the structure itself. I caught it just as a plane was flying in the background, and a hole of the pub golf course is in the view as well.


  1. A red water tower? Well, why not!


    Yellow or red—which shall it be?
    Red for you and yellow for me?

    Perhaps you’d rather have yellow instead—
    Which leaves me, of course, with handfuls of red!

    Whichever hue you decide to choose,
    I’ll take the other—no one will lose!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Flag over USS Arizona

  2. Great shot. Happy RT!

    Mine's here.

  3. Nice article, thanks for the information.


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