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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kinzel Lake

This small remote lake can be accessed a few ways. One of the more popular is hiking the Kinzel Lake Trail, built in 1925, which spans the distance between the lush river bottom environment along the Salmon River and the dry ridgetop on Hunchback Mountain. However, you can also access the lake by driving the unmaintained Sherar Burn Road (mentioned earlier last week on my Veda Lake post) for 9 miles to access the area. It is very secluded, and surrounded by gorgeous wildflower meadows.


  1. Lovely shot! The colors are so vibrant!

  2. beautiful! So smooth like glass. You could almost step out on it.

  3. If I could live to make the hike, I know I would want to stay there forever. And, if my Clover was with me, I wouldn't be able to get her out of the lake. Lovely photo, thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful shot.

    My Watery post, have a lovely day!

  5. Hi, I just found your post while looking for info on Kinzel Lake. I'm looking for a good spot to swim... Did you notice if it looked deep enough and if there were any beachy areas along the shore? Thank you!

  6. Adam, I do not think you could swim in Kinzel. It has some sort of gas released into the water. There are no plants or fish in it that I saw, just big gross reptile like animals on the bottom. Try nearby Veda Lake if you want to swim :)


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