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Friday, January 21, 2011

Flavel House Museum

I had to debate with myself on what to post for my last photo in Astoria, OR themed week. Many people love visiting the Astoria Column, but I have previously posted a photo of it, seen here. So I thought I would post this sunny photo of the Flavel House Museum. Built in 1885 for Captain George Flavel, the old Queen Anne style victorian is maintained by the Clatsop County Historical Society. The home is fully refurbished and its rooms each display authentic antiques and furniture of the victorian time period. It sits directly across the street from the Astoria Jail, pictured yesterday, and was also featured in the movie The Goonies (it was the museum where Mikeys father worked).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In keeping with yesterdays topic...

Yesterday I posted this photo of an old building in Astoria, OR. The comments were awesome! So many people have visited this little town and had a variety of great memories of the time they spent there. So I thought I would round out the rest of my week posting some old photos I took from a visit there a few years back. This will get a few photos a chance to be shown that I have never thought about posting since Astoria is outside of my normal Mt Hood area, so this should be fun! This one was taken from the downtown waterfront area looking out towards the Columbia River and in the distance, the 4 mile long Astoria-Megler Bridge, which connects Oregon and Washington.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In keeping with posting about places I want to visit sometime soon (can you tell I want a vacation?), I am posting about one of my favorite places in Oregon - Astoria! There are tons of cool things to do in this small town. Many historical sites to visit. The town is located at the northwest tip of our state, and was the site of the first permanent US settlement in the Northwest. I do not remember much about this building except for the old lettering that reads "Astoria".

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Miss Gardening!

I was cleaning out my desk at work last week and came upon this poor struggling bulb. A year (or maybe even two) ago, I brought a few paperwhite bulbs to work to grow. They did well in the office, and after they died for the year, I just took the whole pot, bulbs, dirt and all and shoved it in a drawer. Well, I found the pot when cleaning out the drawer and one of the bulbs was trying so hard to grow. It had a tiny, white, un-nurtered start struggling to survive. I love plants and gardening, so I felt really bad that this poor plant was stuck in that drawer and forgotten. I immediatly took it out, cleaned it up, watered it, and am proud to say it is growing healthy now! This was taken the day after I found it, when the small, half-inch white start was starting to turn yellow. Today, a week later, it is a 2.5 inch green shoot!

I really miss gardening. I crave going outside and cleaning up my yard. I did go out and move some leaves around and saw a few tulips starting to show through the dirt over the weekend. Spring cannot come soon enough!