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Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunny Room View

This was the view out our room window at the Grand Lodge. The sun was just getting ready to go down, and I liked how it made the fuzzy buds from the trees below glow in the light.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pipe Face Paintings

A bit of a different post than usual today. At McMenamins Grand Lodge (as well as at Edgefield) there is more artwork than a person can see in just one day. One of my favorites are the pipe faces. The exposed pipes throughout the buildings display an awesome variety of different characters. These were some of my favorites that I managed to see during my stay.
(PS) I made this cool collage using the Shape Collage program. I highly recommend it. Super fun, easy, and FREE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am not afraid to admit that I officially suck at disc golf, or frisbee golf if you prefer. We called it "Folf". If you are not familiar, the rules are much the same as normal golf. Toss your disc (or frisbee if you prefer LOL) the least amount of times possible to make it in the basket (or hole). My husband and I played during our stay at the Grand Lodge a week ago today. The weather that day was much nicer then; (Today it is raining, mixed with a few random snowflakes). Anyway... I am not good at this game. I had a tendency to throw way over to the left, no matter how hard I tried and despite all the coaching and coaxing my husband could do. Oh well, it didn't matter. Yummy McMenamins beers in hand, we navigated the course, and it was a ton of fun laughing at my pathetic attempts. The 10th and final hole was a hard to make shot from the top balcony on the back side of the hotel to the ground below. My husband birdied. I quit ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Every year, we suffer from the effects of the early signs of spring. The green buds on the trees, the occasional sunny day, the bulbs cracking the dirt with their green shoots, and now, the blooming crocuses. This is a false hope though, since it is only the middle of February and we still have months of miserable rainy, windy cold weather, and the potential for another deep freeze or two. But that doesn't mean I didn't get excited when I saw this little flower, and when my landscaper came to clear away the last of the autumn leaves and exposed my garden beds full of little new plant life. Ho Hum.

Monday, February 14, 2011

McMenamins Grand Lodge

I'm BAACCCKKK! Did ya miss me?! ;)

I spent a wonderful 5 days off from work, relaxing, spending time with my family and friends, and enjoying my birthday. My husband and I traveled about an hour west to the town of Forest Grove and spent Wednesday night at the McMenamins Grand Lodge. Last week, I mentioned this trip in this post.

It was fantastic fun. Disc golf, awesome sights at the lodge (including a scavenger hunt), great food and beverages, the soak pool, and no responsibilities makes for some much needed relaxation. This week I will be posting some photos from our adventure at the Grand Lodge!

Happy Valentines Day all, and Happy Birthday, Oregon!!!