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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Past It's Prime

I am not sure what this wildflower was, but there was a lot of it growing in the wildflower fields surrounding Trillium Lake this past weekend. It was very warm in the fields, being continually beaten by the sunlight and the recent wind. It has been a very dry summer here in our area. We went 51 days with no rainfall, and received .4 inches back on September 10th. I do not recall any other precipitation since then. It has been a year for the record books. Not bad for the Pacific Northwest. But that all ends this weekend. The forecast is saying rain is on the way and once it arrives, it tends to stick around for months ;)

UPDATE: Thank you to Judy for identifying this plant as Cows Parsnip!

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  1. Tough but delicate are those plants that stand to the end♫ Brilliant shot. Happy 10-11-12♫♪

  2. Weather was same here - it rained this morning for the first time:) Lovely capture of the wildflower!

  3. Poor little flower - it's still trying to reach!

  4. I simply love the perspective!


  5. My favourite flower shape. And a gorgeous blue sky, something which has been sadly lacking this summer with us.

  6. Nice shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Beautiful capture and I, too, love your perspective! It has indeed been a strange summer/early fall here in the northwest! We've broken lots of records here in Seattle!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. That is cow parsnip - be careful of it when there is sap in the plant - it is a phototoxin, and you will be awfully unhappy for a good month if you get it on your skin.
    Having said that, The photo is beautiful!! I love the angle, looking up at the sky, and the bits of fluff from other plants that have caught on the branches of the cow parsnip!!!

  9. It looks a lot like the dill in my garden currently looks!


  10. Terrific work here.... just great!! Have a great weekend!

  11. It almost looks like there is a spider web in the middle right, by the sun flare! Cool shot!

  12. I like how the webster capture the light on this picture.

  13. So beautiful and perfectly captured!

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    Your comment is greatly appreciated! Hope you will leave me one. Thanks!

  14. Love the sun flare and the perspective. Well done!

  15. Wonderful photo! It's amazing that something so plain can be turned into something grand.


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