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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pink Clouds

On one of the clear days last week I was able to capture the intense pink clouds created by the sun setting behind me.

And to my American readers, a VERY Happy Thanksgiving to you! What are you thankful for this year? I have so much to be thankful for. This has been a year of many changes for me, and I could not be more grateful for it. I do not know what I would do without the support of my loving husband and family, and cannot imagine my life without my sweet son, who will turn 8 months old next week already!

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  1. I love the pink clouds this time of year. Yours are beautiful. xo Jenny

  2. picture perfect sky....Happy Thanxgiving to you and yours...

  3. Beautiful pinks, lovely sunset capture! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Very Nicee .

    I agree with your Thankful blog as well. A small baby of eight months and your darling hubby. I loved my babies that age. They reall can make you giggle with the faces they make.

    Now my two babies are almost 50. My youngest is 40.

    My biggest baby is 73. My hubby of course. He makes me smile almost every day.

    See I sure have something to be Grateful for like you. Also 6 Grandchildren.

    So your picture is so lovely! I love how you framed it.

    Great! Picture Perfect.

    H.T. G.

  5. Beautiful Clouds!
    We just welcomed a new addition into our family - my first grandson - so he is at the top of my "Thankful" list :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Such a beautiful sky capture!

  7. Awesome clouds with great colours makes this to a perfect sky-post!

  8. What a terrific capture for the day! I love your composition and the colors are so dramatic!! Hope you have a great and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

  9. We had a clear day last week???? Beautiful clouds and nice capture.

  10. I love that little bare tree adding depth to the photo!! Pink clouds are the best kind!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! :)

  12. Lovely photo ! I do like pink and orange sky's ! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

  13. Nicely captured cloud images. Fall colors aren't always limited to the trees, but sky watchers already know that. Well done.

  14. A beautiful sky. What a great color for the clouds. Nice work.


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