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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Late Year Trillium Lake

Normally, the road to my beloved Trillium Lake is closed this time of year due to snow accumulation. This year, the snow is way behind, and there is still none on the ground up there. I was able to drive in this past weekend. There was no Mt Hood to be seen since it was hidden behind the thick layer of clouds, so I pointed my lens to the autumn grasses along the far banks and the raindrops hitting the surface of the water.  

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  1. I love trees green, cloured and snow covered.

    So this is your pix this time of year.

    Nice with the water.

  2. I'm glad you pointed your lens at the lake, beautiful scene! :)
    P.S. Did you know Tricia at Bluff Area Daily has a Watery Wednesday too?

  3. I can almost hear the silence with it broken here and there with a bird's call in the distant trees. Gorgeous.

  4. A terrific capture. The snow is late here too.

  5. I love those raindrops!!

  6. Lovely place and here in Michigan we have no snow yet and hope there will be none this year. ^_^

    Visiting from Water World Wednesday

  7. Beautiful capture....

    My WW is kitchen remodeling and thick snow. Happy wordless Wednesday!

  8. Beautiful rainy day shot!

  9. Snow or no snow, that's a beautiful capture...

    happy WW =)

  10. Very pretty shot of the lake and I love the trees. Happy WW!


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