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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bracket Pierced

Came across this amazing oddity while hiking along Eagle Creek between Sandy and Estacada. This enormous bracket fungus (otherwise known as shelf fungus) was about 2 feet wide and had stems from a nearby plant literally growing through it. I had never seen anything like it and had to capture its photograph.

And on a side note, today is my 800th blog post. When I started blogging again a few years back, I never thought I would keep it up this long, continue to learn photography like blogging has encouraged me to do, opened up such awesome opportunities to showcase my photos, and make such awesome friends through comments here on Blogger as well as Facebook. Thanks to everyone for keeping me on my toes!

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  1. This is beautiful. Nothing is more beautiful than nature.

  2. Interesting and great choice for our B week!

    abcw team

  3. Congrats on 800. I hit 3000 this month; sad, obsessive BEHAVIOR.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Sarah, what an interesting find. Your shot of it is really interesting! And congrats on 800 posts. That's awesome.

  5. Happy 800th blog post ~ Very unusual find and great photography ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. congratulations on your 800th post.
    this is fantastic--i've seen this fungus but it wasn't pierced.:p

    B is for...

  7. That's so cool! Great pic!

  8. What a cool pic and congrats!

  9. Shelf fungus is clearly a unique slice of life! I have never seen anything like it! Amazing!

  10. Very interesting! Awesom catch!

  11. Congratulations on 800 posts.
    I am amazed that I am keeping it up myself. I do like how it has given me many new friendships and I have learned so much about photography too.
    The Bracket Fungus is so interesting. Very strange how the stems are growing right through it.

  12. Beautiful shot. I especially like the second, wider view.

    Congratulations on 800 posts. With so many blogs started daily, it's nice to see you're one of the few who have stuck with it. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

  13. That is a giant mushroom! So pretty!

  14. Wonderful photos . I to like photographing weird fungi , this time of year here there is none BOOHOO ! Congrats on 800 posts . I have this blog and another one , I enjoy all the different blogs out there ,I get to travel the world through blogs with out leaving the comfort of my home hehe . Have a great day !

  15. Great macro!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  16. Well thanks for the pictures and info., I had never heard of such an oddity and its so beautiful.

  17. Que imagem interessante, eu não conheço esse tipo de fungo, belo momento para um clique! parabéns pela comemoração em seu blog, é uma arte por pela qual nos apaixonamos, assim como a fotografia. Um abraço!

  18. A fascinating capture!!! I've never heard of shelf fungus...it actually looks like someone made it to feed the squirrels!!!

  19. Congrats on your posting accomplishment. Goes to show the power of Mother Nature. - Margy

  20. What a neat sighting and find. I have not seen this bracket fungus. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your 800th post. Have a happy day!


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