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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yesterdays Sadness

Back in March of 2006, the camera that I had at the time stopped working. Photography is something I so enjoy, and I had to go get a new camera! My boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, helped me purchase a brand new Nikon D50. Though the model has been discontinued and many better have been released, I have used that camera ever since. I learned a lot with my camera friend. Yesterday I took it out to go on a photo excursion and it was broken. I was able to snap one photo of my son before the mirror froze and the shutter stopped working.

While it is repairable, because it is so old, its repair costs are more than it is worth. But man, I love that camera. I did a check and discovered that it lasted through just over 28,800 shutter actuations. So many wonderful memories captured with it. I immediately went on eBay and purchased a used one of the same model to get me through until I can afford to buy an upgrade.

Today's photo was the last salvageable photo I took with it. (No, I did not drop it in the water or get it wet. I took this a few days ago.) This is an urban waterfall/fish ladder on Johnson Creek behind my husbands parents home in Portland.

Needless to say, until my replacement camera arrives, I have a dilemma. I may just not post, or I may post old stuff. Should only be a few days either way :)

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  1. Always nice to find a tool you love!


  2. A beautiful last hurrah!

  3. Go ahead and post some old stuff. If you haven't shared it here, it's still new to everyone, right? Plus nature is timeless!

    Sorry to hear about your camera. Mine broke a few years ago and I was devastated. Wasn't the newest and best, but it was what I had learned on and had sentimental meaning. While I have had the new upgrade for a couple years now, I still miss my old one.

  4. Since 2006, I've had 3 digital cameras - first a simple Samsung Digimax, then an Olympus SP 800UZ, and finally a Canon EOS Rebel T4i - it was a real surprise gift because my sweetie said I'd outgrown the other two. I hope you continue to post while you await your replacement and as Wahkeena (above) says, if you haven't posted your older photos on ABCW, it'll all be new to us!

    abcw team

  5. I sometimes use oldies, because after 5 years bloggers don't remember having seen your posts anymore . Besides I add a new photo or I change the text a bit.
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  6. Bad news. But one new camera per decade isn't all that bad. I used my Canon 300 for ten years.

  7. No friend like an old friend!!

  8. maybe it's time to retire an old friend. a beautiful photo.

    ABC Wednesday

  9. You have had a great experience with that camera. Love your memories and move on to another that will give you good service, too. Keep posting from your archives! Kate, ABC Team

  10. though i know you are saying good bye to an old friend. the new one will quickly become a great friend who won't leave your side.

    ps - i love where you live so i am glad i found your blog.

  11. Lovely perspective of the tumbling water!

    I know how you feel about the camera as a friend! A go everywhere friend! My old camera stopped last Christmas Day! I was devastated! But slowly my new camera is becoming a close friend too!

  12. Love your title. Quite poetic.
    I'm going to need a new camera by Christmas, as I recently reminded my husband.

  13. I am sorry about the camera, but I see you are still posting... I like this photo and I hope you get back to doing what you love Sarah.. Michelle from Nature Notes


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