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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arata Creek

Arata Creek runs through a park in my neighborhood. In between snow storms I walked the trail and took this photo of the chilly water winding through the snowfall.

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  1. Looks as if Mother nature is very intent on creating some art work. Lovely perspective.

  2. Beautiful! Perhaps for a contrast, a shot of it from this angle again come summer?

  3. In between snow storms. Sounds so weird to be saying that in Portland, doesn't it?

  4. A lovely shot. I enjoy walking in the woods in the winter.

  5. Beautiful! Many places are prettier in winter because they're hidden by the leaves and the grasses in the summer.

  6. Delightful and creative wintry shot ~ thanks, carol mckenna and artmusedog ^_^
    www.acreative harbor.com


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