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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Waterfall at Shepperds Dell

shepperds dell waterfall ©www.hoodphotography.com

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I visited Shepperds Dell for the first time this past Sunday. The 11 acres of Shepperds Dell was donated to the City of Portland in 1915 by local dairy farmer George Shepperd as a memorial to his wife. This is a view of the bottom section of the two tiered waterfall, taken from up by the bridge which crosses Youngs Creek. There is a whole other tier above this one, but it is tucked a little farther back in the woods. The bridges designer, K.P. Billner, once said: ''Men of wealth and high position have done big things for the Columbia River Highway which will live in history; but George Shepperd, the man of small means, did his part full well."

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Viewing Shepperds Dell Falls Close-Up

Shepperds Dell waterfall ©www.hoodphotography.com

I visited a new spot right up the Columbia River Gorge from my home this past weekend. I have driven through the unassuming tract of land called Shepperds Dell probably a hundred times and never pulled over to check it out. I am so glad I did this time! While the rest of the waterfalls along the Old Columbia Highway were packed with visitors, my son and I enjoyed visiting the Shepperds Dell area entirely by ourselves. The incredibly short walk down about 6 stairs and around a paved bend leads you this viewpoint smack dab in the middle of a gorgeous two tiered waterfall! This is a close-up view of the rushing waters. I will post another photo of the falls from another vantage point tomorrow.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Rains

raindrops on evergreen branches ©www.hoodphotography.com

This photo is fitting of this weekend. It was rainy on Saturday when I trekked up the mountain. There is practically no snow up along Highways 26 and 35, even thorough the ski town of Government Camp. Nothing but rain. However, during our drive we saw tons of people out with Christmas trees strapped to the tops of their cars or in their truck beds. Therefore, this macro of the rain on a evergreen branch perfectly described the feeling of the festive rainy winter day.

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